Up-cycling plant pots and homeschool photography

Sitting in a local cafe yesterday, my eyes were drawn to the interesting potted plants on the tables in their curious pots. The kids were so intrigued they started taking photos - even Monty.

Time to go and check out the second hand shops in town, and the shop at the rubbish tip to find some interesting vessels to repurpose. Although I think I might look around home first and in my kitchen cupboards. I'm sure there's plenty there - perhaps this can even help me in the process of decluttering.

The photographs the kids took of the pots could perhaps be the beginning of our homeschooling photographic project this term - to enlarge some images for our walls, and to gather a portfolio of images to submit into the junior photographic section of the Maleny Show. A couple of years ago both Maia (then aged 6) was awarded First Prize in the under 12s section for her picture of a peach farmer selling his wares at a farmers market in Paynesville Victoria. Hugh (then 4) was awarded a High Commendation for his B&W image of ropes and shackles on a yacht in Akaroa, NZ.

Monty's photograph of the interesting pots. He somehow found the setting for B&W which makes it look even better! Monty is 2 years old!

The colander pot - has the bonus of good drainage.
The boot pot. I have a few boots I can repurpose - my old ones have holes in the soles which will be good drainage too! 

Maia's close-up of the succulent.

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