Nature play and the summer rains - storm watching, frogs and muddy puddles.

Summer in the subtropics is meant to be the wet season, but until today the rains have held off and soil has become so dry - even with all the mulch and organic matter.  Exciting muddy puddles have been few and far between.

I have watched from my verandah, in the rising humidity, as storms have formed then passed, waiting for the rains with great anticipation. A thunderstorm would form, but skirt around us leaving just a disappointingly few drops of rain - nothing to give the soil the good deep soak it needs.

Over the past couple of days, thick clouds have gathered on the hills across the valley and the sunsets have been spectacular. 
Finally today, the rain came.  It was a great day for frogs, and ducks, and .... mud-loving kids!

Two enormous green tree frogs were living in the door cavity of our car - an enormous surprise this morning.
"I love muddy puddles!"

The boys were too muddy to get to the bath - they needed to be hosed off first.  Thankfully when it's wet and muddy here it's also hot.

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