Baby wildlife on our verandah

A tiny baby turtle mysteriously appeared on our verandah today. We had only just arrived home to Crystal Waters after being away for almost 3 weeks. I have absolutely no idea where it came from or how it got there. We are all still baffled.

The mysterious tiny baby turtle.
I had just finished emptying the contents of our suitcases on the verandah into various piles - clothes, tennis racket, books, etc ... and sat back for a cuppa. All of a sudden Evan and I heard a strange sound - a kind of scratching. We looked over toward the piles and saw something small kicking around near Hugh's tennis racket. 

At first we thought it was one of those amazing enormous black beetles upside down with it's feet in the air making a sound rubbing it's wings - perhaps having dropped down from the ceiling. But then we realised it was this gorgeous little turtle, flailing around trying to right itself. 

I raced over and turned it up the right way - he tucked his long neck and feet in as far as they could go. All the kids came and quietly took a look at it taking care not to frighten it.

Where did it come from?  
  • Did it sneak into our bag down in East Gippsland? 
  • Did a bird just drop it?  I didn't see one swoop through just then. 
  • Had it crawled up here by itself?  

Not knowing where it came from, we weren't really sure what to do with it. There is a large dam below our house where we know there are many turtles already living so we thought it would be OK there. Evan and Maia gently carried it down to water's edge. After a few moments it poked it's head out and raced toward the water and disappeared under a large protective leaf of a waterlily.

We are all still baffled and curious. I certainly hope it is going to be OK.