Summer Harvest for Christmas Lunch

Thanks to my family for a delightful Christmas day here at our home playing in our permaculture garden. It was so relaxing and low-key.

We perhaps ate a little too much, but the food was so delicious, fresh and healthy and much of it directly harvested a few moments before we ate. I'm so pleased we created very little packaging with our shared meals today.

My christmas breakfast - Maia's jaboticaba jam on Les's choc-cherry sourdough with fruit...mmm
Evan's fruity face on rye, chia and cinnamon porridge
Sourdough pumpkin and choc-cherry bread

Breakfast platter
Collecting eggs for lunch

Evan's sisters help with the lunchtime harvest
A selection of ingredients for the eggy bake and salad.
I love collecting a leaf from this and a leaf from that. Our lunch bake included pumpkin leaf, red hibiscus spinach, brazilian spinach, comfrey, garlic chives, sorrel, vietnamese mint, perpetual spinach, kale, rosemary, thyme, oregano, parsley, sacred basil and asparagus

Hugh loves eggy bake, but with out the 'stuff' on top! I always make a special section just for his 'tongue-taste'.
The dairy free version also tasted delicious, I just added a few more herbs for extra flavour instead of cheese.
Maia's collection for the salad.
These little cherry tomatoes were bursting with flavour and had such great firm texture. They made this very simple salad. 
Sitting down to share our simple garden lunch, followed by Nanna's Christmas Pudding from her Nanna's traditional recipe.
The simplest home-made lemonade. Our own rainwater with bubbles and a splash of lemon juice from our tree.
Melting the beeswax for the salves.
Making personalised blends of the salves as Christmas presents. 
Hundreds of bright blue dragonflies hovered close to the water's surface and circled around us while we were testing out the kid's new kayak and row boat today on the lake below our house. 

The perfect end to a wonderful day - heading out to ride through the valley.
Maia reflected that she wanted Christmas everyday. Although she loves the gift-giving, she really just loved having everyone around.  Hugh was surprised at how much rubbish we created from even the simple and practical presents we shared. He suggested next year we only have one or two special unwrapped presents. I like his thinking.

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