Home-made table decorations

We had a guest for dinner tonight - Nanna.  Maia took this as an opportunity to do something simple but special to decorate the table.

In our garden she found a mixture of flowers from perennial herbs, annuals, and bush tucker plants: cosmos, society garlic, lemon myrtle, pansies, basil, salvia and yarrow.

The scent of the lemon myrtle flower is incredible - just like honey, almost like leatherwood honey (one of my favourites!) The scent is still filling the room now.  I love lemon myrtle leaves. They have many uses in the kitchen. Tonight I included a couple of young lemon myrtle leaves in my vegetable curry.  They blended beautifully with other fresh vegetables and herbs I harvested from the garden just before dinner - chilli, kaffir lime, ginger, turmeric, garlic chives, sacred basil, comfrey, vietnamese mint, zucchini, capsicum, kale and rainbow chard.

On Maia's table tonight I thought how she presented the flowers was a particularly lovely idea. She couldn't find the right sized vases for her little posies, so she rummaged around in the recycled glass jar shelf. To hide the ugly labels, she improvised with some coverings...

Maia's garden posies in her creative vases.

The jar sock - she's named 'the sojar'!

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