Plants for the abundant garden

In a volunteer capacity, I write for Australia's permaculture magazine, PIP. This is a copy of the article I wrote for the last issue about some of my favourite edible plants - ones that are perennial and so abundant. 

My 5kg turmeric harvest - from one plant!

Regularly I teach about my approach to gardening - and wherever I go, I fill my car with as may cuttings that I can fit in my car to give away at the end of the talk.  I think in the past year and a bit, I have given over 10,000 cuttings from my garden and it still looks incredibly abundant. These plants are absolutely amazing!

I love it when people come up at a talk and tell me how well the plants I have given them before are growing, and that they've passed on abundant cuttings to their friends and family. It's wonderful too when people, who've been to my workshops before and know what I do, bring in interesting cuttings from their gardens to share with me and other participants. 

Click here to see and download the PDF document (457kb)

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