Sunday, 6 December 2015

My hand made house

In the next few posts I'm going to focus on my house. It is a simple but modern eco-house that I designed and built with my own hands, and much help from my family.  

I was determined that we didn't go into debt to build this house because I felt it would significantly impact the way I work and volunteer, bring unnecessary stress into our quite relaxed way of life, and affect my ability to be fully present for our children as they were growing up.

I thought I'd start by sharing an article I wrote about a year ago for PIP Magazine Issue 2 (the Australian Permaculture Magazine). It introduces our house and garden, and the features we designed in:
  • building an affordable and comfortable eco-house
  • being a demonstration and educational space
  • staying debt-free
  • modular and flexible subtropical design - a pod for the children, an office pod, a guest pod and the main pod
  • using simple methods so first-time owner-builders can succeed
  • having a low ecological footprint
  • using predominantly local, reclaimed and sustainable timbers
  • producing all our own power
  • heating our water by the sun
  • catching breezes in summer and keeping warm in winter
  • collecting all our water
  • processing all our grey water
  • processing all our humanure
  • processing all food and biodegradable wastes on-site
  • being surrounded by beautiful permaculture gardens
  • creating an edible fun playground for the children
  • connecting with the natural environment
  • enhancing the habitat for native wildlife
  • enjoying the process!

Here's first page of the article with link to the full version on my website.

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