From Waste to Food

Too much of the food grown in the world is wasted. I try in my household to make sure we don't contribute to this problem, and if there are food scraps and offcuts that they are returned to nourish the soil directly through one of the many different types of composting systems I've got set up outside.

In the kitchen have a simple 2 bucket system. One is for food scraps for the compost, the other for the chickens.

Pic of 2 buckets

The chicken bucket has a nice fitting lid and a great handle - so easy for the kids to go up and feed the chooks.

Our worms get the juicer pulp wrapped up as a nice parcel in damp newspaper. This helps to prevent the little fruit flies and also keep the right carbon-nitrogen balance, as well as moisture balance. Worms only eat the bacteria growing on the outside edge of foods, not the food itself, which is why juice pulp is perfect worm food.

The pot plants get a boost of coffee from the plunger - it acts like a fertiliser