Building an eco-cubby

We set a challenge today for kids at the Woodford Children's Festival to design and construct an eco-cubby that was big enough for three people, was structurally sound, provided protection from the sun and wind, and was beautifully decorated.  

Evan and I led this workshop as part of Nature Kids - an Ethos Foundation program we have developed. On Thursday I am offering another session at Woodford Festival - Arty Seeds, then back at Crystal Waters in February we'll be running a Nature Kids session called Design and Build an Ecovillage which we are really looking forward to.

Over 30 children attended the session today. Evan explained the challenge and explained the materials at their disposal. They had an equal set of large bamboos and could also access thin bamboos, banana leaves and fabric and other offcuts to help them create their designs.

Four teams of children worked cooperatively to create some wonderful cubbies - each unique.  They really did spend time discussing and testing the design of the structure to make it strong, and the bags of fabric, string and wood offcuts, and seed pods were completely scavenged.
The lean-to model against a large fallen log.
They were sure they could fit five kids in there.
The double-tripod method with decorative panels
Weaving walls for shelter using fabric offcuts and lightweight bamboo.
The tipee model with banana leaf walls.
Our kids helped with the cubby workshop, but also enjoyed the other wonderful opportunities within and beyond the Children's Festival today.
The annual Woodford Chess tournament took place this afternoon.
Dozens of children played with such focus playing 6 games over two hours
Meanwhile Monty finally was able to fulfil his painting craving.
...and once he started, there was no stopping!

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