Taking time for myself - with my kids!

‘Me time’ had become non-existent in my life while my two eldest were toddlers, and I had come to believe that I didn’t really even need it. I suppose I also rejected the notion of ‘me-time’ as being self-indulgent, especially when there are little kids who needed my attention and focus.

Being surrounded by my family and being intimately involved with their lives is my joy. I don’t need a life separate from them, I thought. I have come to realise that in order to maintain my clarity, focus and sense of self, I need some time alone to think, time to be, time to reflect, plan, hope, wish, dream…and that this time renews my energy and perspective.

I know that to be present and focussed for my children I need to be present and focussed within my self. If I am anxious or overwhelmed, or tired and achy, this seeps through into how I interact with them through the day. I get it now - at least a little quiet time each day is vital so I can catch my breath.

I have been gradually finding ways to weave these moments into my day without anyone really noticing that's what I'm doing, and without taking me away from my children.

Cloud watching

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